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*C&D £5 GIFT vouchers can be used to pay for any services ( non transferable /assignalble – x 1 voucher per service only)
*C&D £10 GIFT vouchers can be used to pay for combined services eg Colour & Cut (non transferable / assignable – X 1 voucher per combined services only )
*C&D £20 GIFT voucher can be used to pay for all services and retail combined and can be used together with multiple £20 vouchers for either one or a series of services combined. 
Please note Gift Vouchers cannot be used for services with ‘Grduate/Academy’ stylist nor in conjunction with any special offers or services booked through marketing suites such as Treatwell or Time out!

If a customer is deemed unhappy with their style or colour , following an assessment by management of the work deemed unsatisfactory by the client, then C&D will offer another style or amend the colour for no extra charge within 7days of the service. This however does not include a total restyle or colour change. This may involve us inviting you back for another appointment to achieve this.This does however not apply for services with Graduate/Academy stylists as you are paying a reduced rate for a stylist who is still learning the trade . Management however will consider the post of rectifying work performed by the Academy/graduate stylist – please contact Management in the event you are unhappy with a graduate/Academy services.

It is to be noted that hairdressing and colouring is a creative process. There will be variables as to attempts to find the style or colour desired by the client. Each stylist or technician is unique in their own way which will result in the outcome invariably being slightly different to how another stylist/tech might be able to achieve a desired look. On this basis therefore , with the creative process being in effect a personal creation of the stylist ,we will aim to charge irrespective . Our promise however is to present a further service free of charge in the event the customer is not happy with the ultimate aim to achieving the initially agreed colour.

C&D will request a 25% deposit for any colour services booked . This deposit is non refundable.  If a client wishes to reschedule an appointment  however, having given a minimum of 72 hours prior notice, then the deposit can be transferred on to and used for the next appointment set up. We also reserve the right to cancel your appointment 72 hours before its starting hour in the event the customer does not pay the deposit request.

Before performing any colour work incorporating the application of colour chemicals to the scalp (namely tints and toner application), C&D will need to perform a test to assess your skins reaction type to the chemicals we use in house.  The skin test takes a few moments and involves the application of a very small amount of colour to the back of the ear/neck. Providing there is no reaction following this skin test in the way of excessive redness, sore or swelling skin ,  then the colour procedure can be carried out.  A waver form is usually presented for you to sign for us to keep in our records.

The prices outlined in out price guide have been estimated as to be in most cases an accurate total having calculated the standard amount of colour products  and time typically involved to carry out the work.  However in some cases the requirement for additional time and usage of further colour products may be necessary  . If this happens then C&D reserves the right to make additional charges for services  of colouring which exceed the standard protocol.  In every which case we will aim to make this apparent from the beginning before the procedure is carried out.

Similar to the principle of  membership ,being that one would pay a subscription  to be a member , a C&D package deal purchased by a client is an agreed amount of either Chaps or Dames haircuts and or colour services within the time frame of 1 year.  For example: A customer may buy an agreed 10 haircuts for the year averaging a haircut every 5 weeks.     A 20%/25% reduction of the total cost of all service is generally applied and therefore the person purchasing the series of services for the year save money and time when going about their lifetstyle. A minimum of  £100 can be spent on any package deal.    * minimum of 4 services can be purchased for the time frame of one year.

One third off selected services. Subject to change month to month. With combined services the 1 third of the cheapest service is deducted.Not applicable for services with Graduate/Academy stylists.

This offer is available to people who come in pairs (friends, mum and daughter etc.). 50% is deducted from 1 service only . If two people come in for haircuts only then the cheapest haircut will be deducted by 50%. If however 2 women come in for a colour and cut X2 (times two) then 50% will be deducted form 1 out of the 4 different services that were performed. This deducted service will be the cheapest service. Offer only available on Wednesdays.Not applicable for services with Graduate/Academy stylists.

Available all week, all day long with valid proof (Such as a non expired NUS card).Not applicable for services with Graduate/Academy stylist. Not applicable in conjunction with any special offeres including Pick & Mix . 

There are no charges for cancellations, we only respectfully ask that as much notice is possibly given. All deposits and payments for services are non-refundable though can be transferred to a re-shedualed appointment providing a minimum of 72 hours has been provided. Furthermore, we reserve the right to move or cancel any appointments. In the exception a Refund is considered, it may take up 30 days to be completed. We also reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you do not pay the deposit for the colour services before 72 hours of the appointment date. Refunds are not applicable to Academy/Graduate stylist services.


The stylist whom you book an appointment with may either fall under as a PAYE memeber of our company OR as self employed Freelancer ( Contractor ) . Contractors are insured and separately responsible for the services they carry out. However, they have to adhere to Chaps and Dames health and safety policies and only use products that meet British standards of quality. All liabilty and responsibilty for all damages, refunds, corrections falls with the contractor for services rendered by themselves. Chaps and Dames is not liable for any damgages relating to services rendered by the Contractor.


Dear Chaps and Dames Customers (2018)

You may have heard of new data protection rules coming into effect from this month. The General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] sets out new rights for consumers and rules for how businesses handle customer information.

At Chaps and Dames, we hold information about our customers – names, email addresses and telephone number which we use to call, text or email individual persons in relation to requested hairdressing services. If we send communications to all customers eg publicity emails then we will provide you with the opportunity to opt in or out of reviewing them.

We take responsibility for your data security and storage very seriously and we have appropriate procedures in place to protect personal data kept on our computer system. Staff who have access to the data have been trained and are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

We confirm that we do not pass on your details to third parties.

You can call us to update your information or to ask us to take you off our customer data base.

Whilst we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk.

Paul Federici and Anna Maria Wallis

Chaps and Dames

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